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Maintenance of office furniture knowledge

PostBy:AMEIJIA        PostDate:2010-08-18

Natural wood furniture products, its biggest advantage is that natural wood look with more changes in the natural color. As a result of natural wood is constantly breathing organism, it must be placed in the appropriate temperature and humidity environment, at the same time the need to avoid beverages, chemicals, or overheating of objects placed on the surface, so as not to damage the surface of the natural wood color. If the United States-resistant board material, when the dirt more, we can use diluted neutral cleaning agents have been combined with warm water to wipe once, and then wipe with water, remember that soft, dry cloth to remove residue from the water until completely wipe after the use of maintenancewax, even if you're done. Only attention to day-to-day cleaning and maintenance, to make the good old wood furniture.
Leather furniture maintenance
Leather has a good heat, humidity and ventilation characteristics, combined with natural leather texture-dimensional than the direction, whether flat, uniform and then hanging both scalability; In addition, the dermis stained easily fade, and with elegant color , excellent touch and beautiful appearance, it has been well received by consumers love. How can we maintain the appearance of leather products touching it? Weekdays cleaning is the key. General maintenance of only the use of clean soft cloth to gently wipe, to clean up long-term use of the dirt, the best way: First, use warm water diluted neutral detergent (1% -3%) first wipe, and then wring the water wipe dry cleaner, dry cloth and then polished until the entire stem to use the right amount of leather uniform cleaning and maintenance agents can.
Cloth quality furniture and maintenance
Most frequently used in the chairs and sofa fabrics, the comfort of touch with the rich colors, so that traditional furniture look more diverse. Maintenance of common methods: When coated with dust, sand and other dirt when dry, as long as the film gently or use vacuum suction to the net can be, as the sand into tablets, the brush can be used smoothly inward, but not the use of hard brush, in order to avoid harm to the fabric. If you touch the beverage, fruit juice may be used towel paper towels absorb water, and then dissolved in warm water wipe neutral detergent, and then use a clean soft cloth to dry, and finally to low-temperature drying can be.
Steel furniture maintenance
Durable solid steel office furniture is the most common, in particular, is an ideal counter such products, it is an indispensable office tool included. Steel office furniture show in the exterior part of the maintenance mode can use a soft cloth, but avoid the use of rough, organic solvents (such as rosin oil, cleaning oil) or wet cloth to clean, these are caused by injuries, rust the main reason.
First, the general day-to-day care products:
1, with a feather So the product to remove surface dust. (Can also be used to dust, wind or gas)
2, with a towel or soft cotton flannel gently wipe down.
Second, fabrics, leather, leather products and fuel injection cleaning and day-to-day care:
1, cloth dirty cleaning methods
Materials needed: blue moon Almighty water (Canton Blue Moon production company)
Soft white towels or white thin cotton cloth (0.1m2 about / block)
Cleaning procedures:
1) first a wet towel or white cotton cloth, wring dry and not dripping;
2) the amount of water sprayed all-around towels;
3) There are stains with a towel to clean the site, can not be too hard the first time after cleaning, to be observed after drying effects, such as not, can be reused 2-3 times;
4) If the cleaning does not clean the parts with obvious contrast, can be carried out clean. 

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