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Furniture shopping skills to look at carefully

PostBy:AMEIJIA        PostDate:2010-08-18

If the room's small space, then the combination of the purchase of furniture or large furniture will no doubt look even smaller room, buy furniture, you can buy some furniture, collapsible, to be used to save space, with the use of folding furniture Convenient, one-use features.
Folding furniture There are three types of species: one for the folded part of the original function is to supplement the shortage, such as folding when dining for 4, and 6 were opened for the dinner table, even for family housing area larger families This is like a table; the other part of the fold with the use of relatively independent functions, such as the common sofa beds, bookcases on the side of the desk, such as folding, which greatly saves room space; The last category is the furniture As a whole can be folded, such as folding chairs, the chairs go out to enjoy the cool air is very suitable for summer use.
In selecting this type of furniture, if it is a steel frame structure of the folding furniture, the Department should pay attention to welding to smooth, gap-free, uniform coating to look soft. Steel tube about the thickness of 1.2 mm, no impurities at all. Depends on the quality of the overall framework which can be used for both whole pieces of furniture around before and after a shake shake, shake, that's a solid framework for good.
In addition to their individual needs and preferences models, they also have to pay attention to look at the quality of the cloth bag. Cortex can be used to buy the two-handed fingertip and hold a drawing up a pull, a strong hand, the recovery is a good first-class goods.
Finally, do not forget to take some personal test, comfort understanding of it, every point of view you have to change, in determining the future purchase.
Furniture packages
Although the packages furniture is a traditional form of furniture, but in the current furniture market also plays a more important position. Such furniture pieces of furniture in every general-purpose one. To buy furniture package, regardless of shape, color, materials used to work, the proportion of the size and function require unanimous support.
1. Shape, every piece of furniture and the main features of the process line. For example, sets of furniture legs to be the model, not some Huzhao legs, and some side column legs, and some are round legs, or will be inconsistent. At the same time, the furniture also requires dealing with details, such as the handle of the drawer and Chumen, corner of the table, and so on, the best modeling both relatively consistent.
2. Qise, a set of furniture to be agreed Qise, face painting requirements Lip color, eye fresh, no foam, wrinkle-free and defect rendering the depth of the phenomenon vary, and so on.
3.'s Work in terms of materials, but also stressed that consistency. From the framework, panels, side panels and other parts look, similar to the site, and some can not use plywood, fiberboard and some use; some or paste a decorative plate, and some have not. In addition, in the face of the best texture, do not degumming plywood, plastic feast, the Department Pinfeng tight, not rugged, precise mortise and tenon, solid structure, not loose, not distortion, no cracks, open doors with ease, a customs Yan, none other than Alice, a drawer Choula flexible, normal place.
4. Proportion of size, should have an overall sense. Every single piece of furniture in accordance with the habits of a certain proportion of the relationship between the comfortable look pleasing to the eye, people do not have a sense of lack of coordination.
5. Functionally, as a result of each piece of furniture, ranging from a few of its features will be the number of points, but each must be furnished with a bed, sitting, lying, writing, basic functions such as storage. If failure, it will reduce the usefulness of furniture. As for the selection of furniture, what features should be in accordance with their own living room area and indoor doors, windows, and other locations to overall planning.

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