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Plate on the selection of furniture

PostBy:AMEIJIA        PostDate:2010-08-18

Lie Zhipin not have to buy more than a waste of buying behavior, poor-quality furniture in addition to the appearance of the poor, the key issue is short and life is hazardous to health! The following are our recommendations to buy some of the summary:
1, ready to work
Be sure to furniture and decoration-based synchronization, and largely determine the style. Pre-determine multi-fitting program to look at the furniture shopping, so to avoid "soft" and "hard" not to support the decoration.
2, and the price of budget
Frankly speaking, in addition to the look and work, the quality of the furniture pros and cons can not be identified with the naked eye, physics and chemistry, hazardous substances, such as testing to be completed in the laboratory, to identify the reliable point is the price: about the appearance of the furniture, high-quality raw materials The price of raw materials are often ordinary 2-fold, not to mention the poor quality of raw materials, equipment investment is a greater difference. We strongly recommend consumers to buy durable goods such as furniture, not buying more low-price products. Production and marketing of fake and shoddy products manufacturers like thieves, like thieves should be punished for condemnation, but consumers need to protect themselves and avoid becoming victims. If you do not want to super-budget, would prefer not to postpone the purchase of much-needed project.
This may not be pleasing to the proposal, but the truth. I feel relatively lower prices and better quality goods usually only under two circumstances: there are strict geographic market segmentation, or the time after. Some people may feel that they bought a lot of lower prices and better quality things, it is likely to be used because there is no real high-quality products made using the comparison.
3, the region's high housing prices, incorporate features such as wardrobe strong furniture as far as possible to take full advantage of custom closet space. If housing prices low enough, they do not spend money on custom furniture, the room to buy big points on the line.
4, the current situation is like many small workshops from foreign names, like the self-proclaimed "chain" or "International Group", like claiming to be from Europe and the United States.
Met with the above characteristics in 2 over, the price is not expensive, direct disregard of the recommendations - like the workshops can do fine, but it is not such a workshop would like to mislead people.


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