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Large furniture industry is imperative

PostBy:AMEIJIA        PostDate:2010-08-18

Serious situation brought about by the furniture industry was a big adjustment, the furniture industry, mainly in the major readjustment of the industrial structure and product mix both.   
The industrial structure, as the state's macro-economic policy from the beginning of the export-driven to domestic-driven model, which means that the furniture business to "walking on two legs." A number of large-scale exports to domestic companies, furniture companies are bound to be some adjustment of industries to foster new profit growth point, such as Dalian Huafeng Furniture involved in the beginning of the aquaculture industry. In addition, national and local governments at all levels to promote environmental protection, economic development policy is also obvious from the norms of the furniture industry's production environment, behind a number of enterprises will have to be eliminated. 
Product mix, as the demand for the diversification of traditional products from the market. As the consumer more and more rational consumption of the main younger, 80 young people after the consumer has become the subject of the pursuit of their personality, fresh, stylish, and other elements, in this situation, in the past two years has been particularly evident. In addition, 100, the United States and song, the Temple of Heaven, and other brand new plant into operation one after another this year, an increase equivalent to a large number of new production capacity. The new equipment, technology, materials application will launch more new products will be eliminated to speed up a number of products, force behind the product from the market, with backward production technology businesses to close or change jobs.

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