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The maintenance of wooden furniture

PostBy:AMEIJIA        PostDate:2010-08-18

1, often with a soft cloth along the texture of the wood for furniture to dust to dust, should become a soft cloth on the point of spray-jie, not with a dry cloth Kaimo, so as to avoid wiping
2, solid wood furniture in a dry environment when used to be using artificial humidification measures, such as: regularly with a soft cloth Zhanshui polished furniture.
3, periodic waxing every 6-12 months, with paste wax for a layer of wax on furniture. Waxing, should be used more moderate non-alkaline soapy water to the old wax
4, as far as possible, with mat pad under hot dishes, soup to prevent food spills, contamination or damage to the desktop.
5, to furniture to avoid exposure to corrosive liquid surface, alcohol, nail polish, and so on.
6, to maintain indoor drying, furniture exposed to moisture to prevent mildew.
7, must not put under strong sunlight exposure, we can not put too much dry place to prevent harm fissile-shaped wood.
8, a wardrobe, Shu Chu, and other furniture, not to pressure its top counter-weights, or Guimen will appear convex shape, not strictly related to the door.

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