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Wood furniture decontamination methods

PostBy:AMEIJIA        PostDate:2010-08-18

Wood furniture decontamination methods
1, with the exception of wooden furniture on the oil -
Cancha is an excellent cleaning agent hand, and then sprayed a small amount of corn flour to Moshi, the final will be corn flour Ma Jing. Corn flour can absorb
Adsorbed on the surface of all the furniture stolen goods, Qimian smooth bright.
2, with the exception of wooden furniture on the variable ink
In a two white vinegar and water, with James sponge mixture of wooden furniture on the Moshi trace of ink and wash and dry them.
3, the handling of discoloured white furniture
Furniture surface of white paint, falling into will turn yellow. James Moshi toothpaste can be used to clean, do not force excessive attention; may also affect the two egg yolks
Absorbed, with a soft brush to the local Huang Tu, dry with a soft cloth after careful Magan Jing it. In addition to attention in use to avoid the sun a long time
Direct furniture.
4, the handling of furniture scratches
If the furniture was scratched careless, but did not touch on film following the wood, soft cloth can become a little melted wax on, Tu wounds in the film, review
Cover wounds. Question to wax harden, and then applying a layer. Tu repeated so many times, to cover up the scars of their film.
5, burn marks restoration of Film
If the furniture film was cigarette butts, ash or put out of the match, such as burns, leaving behind Jiaohen, not film the following charred wood, you can use small
Block a fine grain hardware cloth chopsticks head, lightly Moshi burn marks, and then applying a thin layer of wax, Jiaohen can be removed.
6, Watermark
Furniture due to drops in Sheung Shui failure to make timely and Ma Jing, for a period of time, water infiltration and accumulation of paint film gap so that the coating the surface of a watermark. This situation
, As long as the water with a trace-prints on a clean wet cloth, and then to the pressure with iron and ironing wet cloth, gathered in the watermark, so the water will be evaporated
Out, the watermark will disappear.

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