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Furniture Characteristics

Attention to detail election Furniture

PostBy:AMEIJIA        PostDate:2010-08-18

Moisture content: high and low moisture content will cause the wood warping, deformation. Consumers at the time of purchase can be hand-touch the bottom or inside the furniture did not paint the place, if the feeling, on the high moisture content, furniture easy deformation.
Structure: in the selection of chairs, stools, racks, you can drag one on a concrete floor trailers, gently throw, sounds clear that better quality; fa If the sound dumb or have noise on mortise combination of tight structure prison. Such as shaking the table shaking hands, look at the steady instability. One should sit sitting sofa, Akira forced flash, if inactive, not weak, no sound on a solid mortise structure.
Veneer: formation check to directed light look, do not look red light may not come out. Manchurian ash wood veneer furniture veneer easier to damage, the general can only be used for two years. On the wood veneer, the planed edges peeling veneer than good. Identification of the two methods is to look at patterns of wood, wood veneer Sliced the straight and dense texture, peeling the veneer patterns and the sparse song. Particleboard veneer furniture, part of the land must be Edge, Edge board will not absorb moisture, swollen and damaged.
Edge: Edge injustice, note the wet wood, Edge will be a few days off. Edge also is rounded, not straight edge at right angles. Sealed with wooden edgcrack easily. Plywood inlaid furniture package, package is the use of nails article, we must pay attention to whether the formation of screw eyes, screw eye with the other Department of color is consistent.
Painting: when purchasing wood furniture not just look at the smooth surface of paint, but also pay attention to the corners of the corner should not straight edge at right angles, straight edge Departmenteasily. Door furniture should also be inside the paint brush to work together, not painting plate bending easily without looking.
Parts: the selection of the best furniture lock switch Ling check failed, the three counters should be installed concealed hinges, such as only installed on the two will not do; the last of only three screws on a screw, will not be long before the easy to fall off.

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