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Furniture Characteristics

How to protect furniture

PostBy:AMEIJIA        PostDate:2010-08-18

Many of the furniture are made with synthetic leather surface, such as sofas, chairs and so on. Their surface appearance, a sense of good contacts, and abrasion resistance, rub resistance, and hydrolysis resistance, and anti-cracking strength, anti-spalling strength are strong, so popular consumers.
Synthetic leather and wood, cotton, linen silk fabrics are different in nature, high temperature, high humidity, low temperature, strong light,solution, alkali solution it will be affected. Therefore, the use of synthetic leather surface of furniture to pay attention to the following: furniture placement to avoid the high temperature place. Too high temperature will change the appearance of synthetic leather, mutual adhesion. Therefore, the furniture should not rotate in the stove nearby and it is not placed on the edge of radiator, and do not let too much direct sunlight. Do not place furniture in the room temperature is too low. Temperature too low or a long time so that the air-conditioning blowing straight will cold synthetic leather, cracking, hardening.
Do not place furniture in the humidity of the room. Humidity over the General Assembly so that the hydrolysis of synthetic leather role of the occurrence and development, resulting in damage to the surface membrane and shorten the service life. Therefore, like the room, bathroom, kitchen and other rooms should not be configured synthetic leather furniture surface. Clean synthetic leather surface of furniture, do not use wet towel or cloth, generally with a dry cloth for good.

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