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Furniture Characteristics

Panel Furniture purchase of common sense

PostBy:AMEIJIA        PostDate:2010-08-18

Plate with fashionable furniture, colorful, clear and non-grain deformation, do not crack, moth, affordable, and other types of furniture into the merits of the new group. The right to buy furniture plate should pay attention to the following five points:
First, the quality of the surface. To Particleboard plate furniture, MDF, and other man-made board for the substrate surface, decorated with melamine, PVC, wood veneer and paper review, and other grain veneer, wood grain-like pattern of clear and natural, smooth, has good Visual effects and feel. When looking to buy mainly on the surface of the plate whether there is a scratch, indentation, bubbling, from degumming Paper and plastic, and other signs of defects; natural wood grain pattern is smooth, do not have artificial artificial sense; furniture for symmetry, want more attention to the plate Surface color, patterns of consistency and harmonization, people are symmetrical from the plate as a piece of material.
Second, the quality of production. Panel Furniture in the production of sheet metal forming is to cut through the Conference, decorative Edge, a combination of components assembled. The quality of its production mainly to see the Conference saw the quality of edge, surface quality and decorative pieces of sheet quality port. Furniture production of sheet metal plate in the Conference saw in the straight parts of the plate, vertical, the point of view of both quality requirements, the panel generally saw Technology Conference in less than 0.01 mm per meter to the requirements of precision sheet metal behind the Conference saw Profile formation, the point of view, made after the furniture will not be inclined plate. Saw blades in the Conference will also affect the accuracy of the end plate, while the quality side, scratches, edge collapse, the collapse of the Conference, such as angle saw flaws also affect the quality of the appearance of the furniture plate. Edge, surface decoration of the main components to see its decorative coating on whether the uniform, whether or not a strong bond, whether the smooth edge, next to the plate parts, doors, drawers under the panel, such as the mouth, such as Office, Visual Edge is part of end-processing, Well-decorated profile on the edge of the plate can not find traces of the bond. Combination of assembling the main drilling Department to see if I stand fine, neatly connecting the pieces after the installation of a solid, flat face with the connection after the T-shaped space Seam there, there are no loose with their hands to promote the phenomenon. Doors, drawers at the crack gap is too large, the general requirements in 1mm ~ 2mm between the doors and drawers open and flexible tools, such as whether the push and pull.
Third, pieces of metal, pieces of plastic quality. A metal plate are pieces of furniture, pieces of plastic fasteners as a connector, the metal pieces of the plate determines the quality of the furniture inside the intrinsic quality of the furniture is good or bad. Metal pieces require smart, smooth surface plating handle, there is not rust, such as burr, with pieces of higher accuracy. Pieces of plastic to form beautiful, colorful use of the site should focus on strength and shells, can not be too thin. Open-style connector rotation requirements of a flexible, equipped with an internal spring to the elastic appropriate, the use of such furniture in the open will be in a smooth, easy, no sound of friction.

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