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Furniture Characteristics

Furniture industry chain and more conflicts

PostBy:AMEIJIA        PostDate:2010-08-18

Looking back at Chinese office furniture industry in recent decades, the basic mode of marketing in the form of leasing system, to support the development of the industry today, the three major sections: manufacturers, distributors, the store has been in continuous conflict, and through the Their own ways to strike a balance. At the same time, exploration of a variety of business models have never stopped. Direct storage, which has been very popular abroad model, in recent years, China has finally entered a life. Storage is relatively traditional model of direct sales home business model, not just the traditional store of a supplement or a mainstream trend in the bud. Beijing home to the warehouse on behalf of the Treasury for direct sales, China is becoming a household in circulation show a strong vitality of the new format.
Insiders said that the direct storage, office furniture and cut off the flow of intermediate links in the field of the high cost to the Treasury to direct consumers to buy low-cost high-quality office furniture, manufacturers can be free to lease warehouse and office space, it will Traditional furniture retailers caused by heavy blows.

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