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Furniture Characteristics

Office furniture purchase three points

PostBy:AMEIJIA        PostDate:2010-08-18

First of all, the selection of office furniture will have to look to see whether the smooth lines, the ratio is expected to coordinate, both within and outside the horseshoe turn, the three legs bent, legs arc tooth-expanding line of leg flow is smooth and beautiful handmade detail whether or not, people, animals, decorated with dragon Sculpture, such as whether or not God, the board took Dier live shovel whether smooth carving is the traditional moral content accurately. In order to prevent Zhangguanlidai, polished appearance depends on whether the formation Chaer no closure, and whether the Department seam line in order to determine the degree of tight interface and furniture, whether or not to use "fish farmers must" bond. Furniture depends on the surface of teeth and under the boards Cheng (including dental plate under the bottom of the Cheng) is smooth and polished. Tape measure with the best cross-like office furniture of the same diagonal, to ensure that the furniture now. If there is furniture arm-Wai, finished internal volume after volume of diagonal width is about equal to the outer edge. Legs and between the legs should also measure to see whether the same pitch, do not prove that the same pieces of furniture this side is not.

Would also like to listen to. A better tap their hands in the office furniture should be a "boring boring" is a sweet-sounding voice. To prepare a long two small wooden sticks, Shu Zhao Gen Mugun put a structure in connected, the other lightly Genmu Gun percussion interface, with ears attached to the small wooden sticks up the other end, clear voice for the Yanshi, or else Prove strictly internal.

In addition, in the selection of furniture can also bring a small piece of hard wood, and use it to office furniture Tuizu below are the top Forced cross-section of more than friction, can be seen from here and show that fast-density of the honeycomb In order to determine the material to be used as material of the fiber density and hardness, but also to prevent fraud paste of leather work.

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