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Furniture Characteristics

Office furniture increasing the cultural content

PostBy:AMEIJIA        PostDate:2010-08-18

Office furniture increasing the cultural content of the beauty of Chinese furniture, not only for the Chinese people love, our international friends have been favored. Because it is entirely made of solid wood valuable natural, visual, tactile quality, green environmental protection product. Beautiful furniture can not only meet the needs of people living and working, and is a work of art, with a value of the collection and appreciation. Room with mahogany furniture, a few can be said that the traditional costumes and the walls can not only improve the living environment, but also shows the master grade. Therefore, the purchase of mahogany furniture in recent years an increasing number of people.
Beginning of the 21st century, the fine traditional Chinese culture of nourishment Guo Ning Yang, leaving a worry-free food, clothing and institutions, took to the sea, he has united dozens of Yangzhou and even all over the country's craftsmen, has done a superb craftsmanship of mahogany furniture factory process .
Guo Ning Yang chatted factory production and operation, did not give a direct answer, they are talking about the Road Scholar. Guo Ning Yang believes that the connotation of Confucianism and profound influence to everything. "Security" and "and", "benevolence" and "justice" and "sincere" and other elements, not only the political, ethical and life of the major indicators, the economic level, Bukeyiyi is also an important criterion. Two thousand years, China's business community, "the integrity and honest" and "genuine" and "the sale of virtue and not in the" fine traditions of Confucianism is that the business practices of the major impact. In the global village has been evolving today, pluralism, human and social development of information technology is inevitable, it can be predicted with the Confucian civilization and modern business combination in the 21st century is inexorably and the trend of the times.
Guo Ning Yang had a sipping tea and went on to say, first of all office furniture is not their business what is different, but in their people. It is often said that first, after work. Life is fundamental. What kind of person to do what, what kind of things to do on his show what kind of person. What kind of deal with their own conduct, what kind of enterprises will be. Therefore, we are engaged in the business people, Confucianism and traditional culture is not the first tool, not a management method, but a man's own guidance, business conduct guidelines.
Sincerely, sincerely Ken-cheng not false. Enterprises have three "sincere." First, the operation of the laws and rules to be sincere, impartial, non-Waimenxiedao away. Second, customers want to sincerely and quality. Real ones, for adulteration true, the fraud to hide the truth and can only drive away customers to plug way of making money. Third, for its employees to be treated as partners, co-creator of wealth, to be sincere earnest and sincere hospitality of their problems in life, the poor care given to the death.
I learned from a number of the side, Ning Yang Guo is not only understand it this way, office furniture is a loyal practitioner. Take the processing of a major --- timber drying process, wood right after drying, in order to avoid or reduce the cracking and deformation and improve the mechanical strength of furniture, furniture to make more solid, durable. Guo Ning Yang this procedure strictly standardize the operation of the factory workers will be dry wood to moisture content of 8% -12%; good dry wood is expected to open by the staff of furniture in accordance with the needs of different parts sawn appropriate size, then in the plane , Sanding, the tenon, drawing flowers, carved, polished and installation made of semi-finished products and then shipped to paint grinding room, Guaping, raw lacquer on many occasions, until qualified.

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