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Furniture Knowledge

Furnitere classification

PostBy:AMEIJIA        PostDate:2011-06-04

Furnitere classification

1         classified by location

A   Cisuite furniture include the bed , nightstand,graderobe,,dressing table dressing chair ,etc,

In the bedroom:the bookcase ,the chair ,desk in the study roomthe buffet ,dining chair dining table in the dining room; the unit –cabinet,TV stand ,wll cupboard, sofa, tea table ,coat hanger and so on in the saloon.

B:  Hotel furniture: this kind of furniture is ofen used in the bedroominclude bed nightstand dressing table dressing mirror baggage cabinet leisure chair and so on .

C:  Offical furniture :include coference table ,reception desk , computer desk and screen and etc.

D Public funiture :It’s used in some specific occasion like park, station ,cinema ,theatre bustrain and etc transportation. This kind of furniture is ofen used by plastic,dimension stone ,glass fibre reinforced plastic and metal ,seldome use wood .

E: Bussiness furniture :refers to the supermaket store ,gas station ,service station ,cashier desk ,goods shelf show case and so on .

F:School furniture :refers to the desk, table chair platform  laboratary furniture  and etc.


2         classified by materials

A:wood furniture: the material include raw wood ,malamine blockboard  MDF solid wood refers to the plywood and paticle boards and etc.

B cany furniture : materials include bamboo ratten straw  even hay

C :matal furniture :materials include iron plate aluminium composite panel and stainless steel .and etc.

D glass furniture :materials include glass and glass fibre  reinforced  plastic .

E: plastic furniture:: materials include plastic It processed by mould .

F rheid furniture :materials include cloth ,leather , imitation leather ,sponge,foam ,elasticty and etc.


3         classified  by structure  and packaging

A  assembly furniture :It’s majn measure is connected by tenon ,kerve and finger joint .

B  koock down furniture :It’s main materials are MDF and MFC,and connected by different kinds of  hardware and wooden plug .It is convenient to packaging and transport .

C  dysmorphism furniture :tihis kind of furniture can fold and curl .it is made of hardware plastic and glass fibre reinforced plastics.


4         classified by appearance

A  European style furniture : it’s style seems like the ancient European royol style .

   this kind of furniture ‘s craft is complex. Also ,the price is expensive ,and most of them has complex sculpture.

B  modern classical furniture: It’s  craft is more complex than modern panel .the style looks like the furniture which is several hundred years ago ..Chinese style is obvious .

C  Modern panel furniture : Most of them are made by panel ,and sticked with melamine and veneer .

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