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Zhnengmei furniture's first four patents

PostBy:AMEIJIA        PostDate:2011-06-16

Furniture of the four great inventions of utility patents are the United States, cracking the furniture industry and furniture used in the process of long-standing problems, makes furniture in China to create the myth of the four first.

, Wear-resistant fireproof paints patented technology products

China most wear, and most anti-is zoned injury of durable high-grade wood furniture, currently China no second home reached or over are US furniture performance of products, its anti-is zoned injury performance can with ceramic Cup mill is zoned test, glass was cut has, but paint intact; fire performance, fire machine fire 3CM2 10 seconds barbecue no injury; simple of wear fire paint surface, does not fear Wind Fire Captain time barbecue. The patented products include: superior scratch resistance five-star hotel furniture, solid wood wear resistance, resistance to scratches dining table, coffee table, and so on.

Second, the edge and patented waterproof technology products

China's first and durable furniture, solid wood furniture look the same imitation wood, with a high wear-resistant, fire, water features. Compared with normal solid wood furniture, furniture senior professionals are difficult to distinguish with solid wood furniture the appearance of difference, its much higher cost than solid wood furniture, the wear-resistant and fire-proof performance, achieve the ceramic Cup barbecue fire 3CM2 and fire grinding machine 10 seconds without damage. And because the ownership of all patents, in the case without our authorization, does not appear the second legitimate production or sales in China, a decorated Panel-oriented material, look completely and as a normal solid wood furniture products.

Three patent technology, waterproof products

The first waterproof, fire-proof, wear-resisting durable furniture, hotel economical, China also do not have a second home to achieve the same high cost performance products of competitors. In the hotel in the business process, to guarantee the furniture the appearance of aging affect the hotel image and occupancy rates, 6 years furniture investment: General accessories Panel furniture is beautiful waterproof 1.74~2.61 times of economical and durable furniture investments, common wood furniture is beautiful waterproof 3.6~4 times of economical and durable furniture.

Four, the patent technology of anti-fouling products

China's first General textile finishes antifouling upholstered furniture, has a waterproof, anti-oil, anti-characteristics of the variety of living water stains, grease, without fear or favour pollution of all kinds of dirt. Products include: antifouling Chair textile finishes, such as pollution prevention, pollution prevention sofa upholstered furniture

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