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Furniture Characteristics

waterproof characteristic

PostBy:AMEIJIA        PostDate:2011-09-06

testing environment28 water temperaturedeep of water 20CM



Before the experiment


2 hour

4 hour

Common MFC



Incrassation  1mm

Incrassation  2.2mm

Incrassation 3mm
edge crack


Before the experiment


4 hour

6 hour


Proof MFC



Incrassation 0.9mm

Incrassation 1.8mm

Incrassation 2.4mm


Before the experiment

12 hour

24 hour

48 hour


Waterproof  panel



No change

No change

No change


Zhengmei hotel furniture use superior panel (MFC or MDF) and  the special waterproof technology . it can product the furniture which can dip into water 6 ,8 ,12 , 24 ,48 hour will no deformation ,no edge crack and no fissure .it has a excellent character with waterproof ,fireproof and wear resistant ..

If you are interested in our production ,please look my website and give us a phone ,we will send you the sample as soon as possible ,let you feel the excellent character of Zhengmei furniture .

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